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Going In
I believe I was in the outside boat (not pictured) and I know for sure I was the first man out of my boat and was on the far left side of the beach.
I know for a fact there were four Ontos on Starlite. I have a memory burned in my brain with all four of them, on line, firing there fifty tracers into a crowd of the enemy running across a hill.  Once they got them sighted in they let loose with the big guns... all four of them. No enemy survivors. There were a combination of VC with the black pajamas and a large group of North Vietnamese regulars in khakis.

by James
3/3 H&S Co. 81s Attached to Lima Company
Photo by: L/Cpl Lance R. Kaeding 3/3 H&S Co. 81s
Republic of South Vietnam -  August 1965