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The Hill
I have had two recurring nightmares about Vietnam and they always go the same route: 1) the fear of being captured and taken prisoner while in Vietnam, and 2) during Operation Starlite, either not being able to find the hill 3rd platoon was assigned to take, or ending up on the wrong hill.

Remember, it was a cloudy day and late in the afternoon when Capt. Morris tasked me to lead M company to the hill as a blocking position for Starlite. Once the sundown came I realized it was going to be difficult to find that damned hill. There was no moon and it was still cloudy but somehow we ended up on the right hill. Once we were at the base of the hill, I had the platoon go into an attack line since we had no idea what enemy might be on the hilltop.

I think the rest of “Mike” Company started the march to the hill around 2200hrs. and 
got to the hilltop around 0300 or 0400 on 18 August.
by Lt. Keith Earnest
3rd Plt Leader “M” 3/3 1965
Republic of South Vietnam -  August 1965
Lt. Keith Earnest