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Republic of South Vietnam -  August 1965
I started on whitepages.com for Berea, Ohio and looked up the name for Allan’s father as he was the only name I had. I also wanted to know where Allan was buried. It definitely took some time and digging.

I contacted the local newspapers about his obit, but they were not much help. I finally found a website that brought up Allan's father and it listed relatives and their addresses. 

After some procrastinating, I called a couple of the numbers, which were wrong. More digging on the internet and amazingly I found a relative listed that had the same address that was listed in the little black book! I was in luck as it also listed a phone number. 

After some more procrastinating, I finally called the number. No answer! More procrastinating, another phone call. Richard Fischbach answered the phone. Richard is Allan's brother and was only 2 years old when Allan was killed. He still lived in the family home that he bought after his father’s death. 

Richard was very happy to hear from me. I told him about the little black book and my efforts to find a family member. I told him that I would like to give him the book if he wanted it. Richard said, “Of course, and my sister would want it too.”

I explained that we were going to DC in August for the 3/3 reunion and asked if we could meet them then. Richard agreed. So on our way to DC, we went to Berea, Ohio with the little black book, and met Richard, his sister Kathleen, his niece, Tonya, and his cousin, Kim. Allan also had another brother David, who could not be there. We met, talked for a bit, and then I showed them the book. It was very emotional for everyone and I think it brought some closure for the family and myself after 45 years.

I asked if they would take us to the cemetery and they all agreed. After the cemetery we had lunch and did a lot of talking about Allan. We agreed to stay in touch with each other from time to time. It was a very long awaited meeting.

If anyone would like to contact the family, they can email Richard. His contact info is in the database. The family would enjoy hearing from anyone who served with Allan, as I was the only one who has ever made contact.
After 45 years, mission accomplished, and we now have good friends in Berea, Ohio.
God Bless Allan, may he always rest in peace at Holy Cross Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. Newspaper article.

The Little Black Book
by Cpl Ed Heathman
Mike Company, 3/3
When I returned home from Vietnam, I brought back a little black book. It belonged to my friend, LCpl Allan Fischbach, who was KIA on 9/6/1965. The book contained a list of contact information for next of kin for his fire team as well as his parents in case contact was necessary. Back then, I tried to make contact with Allan’s parents, but it was to no avail. 

Recently, I came across the book again and started flipping thru the pages. I looked at Allan’s parent’s information and wondered if I should try to make contact again after all these years. Since Barb and I would be going to DC for the 3/3 
2010 Reunion, it would be a good time to make contact.
LCpl Allan Fischbach, KIA on 9/6/1965.
Ed Heathman
Ed Heathman, Allan's sister, Kathleen and brother Richard.
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